Friday, January 13, 2012

Sky Ball by Maui Toys Review

I really like when I can find fun toys for my kids that keep them entertained for hours.  I love toys that are simple and still allow them to have fun.  The Sky Ball by Maui Toys is great fun for kids of all ages.  My son is 6 and my daughter is 4 and they both love the Sky Ball!  The enjoy seeing who can bounce it the highest.  It's a great toy for outdoor play.  The Sky Ball really is extra bouncy.  It bounces much higher than those bouncy balls that you get out of the machines.

The Sky Ball is a super bouncy ball.  It can bounce very high.  If you bounce it straight up it can bounce up to 75 feet.  I have never seen a ball that can bounce this high!  They come in lots of fun colors.  I love that they are clear.  It just makes them look really neat.  They come in an original, jumbo and graffiti variety.  The original variety comes in red, blue, green and purple.  The original Sky Ball is the variety we tried out.  I found it very interesting when I found out that the inside of the Sky Ball is filled with helium.  The Sky Ball was actually invented in Maui, Hawaii by a scientist.

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You can check out how super bouncy the Sky Ball is in the video below.

Disclosure - I received samples of the above mentioned product to facilitate my review.  All opinions are completely my own as always.  No monetary compensation was provided.

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