Friday, April 17, 2015

Franklin Barbecue by Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay

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Oh how I love any kind of barbecue food!  Do you love barbecue?  What is your favorite kind of barbecue dish?  I honestly cannot pick just one!  I love to go out for barbecue, but I have I also love to make my own barbecue at home.  Yum!  I recently received the Franklin Barbecue cookbook.  This book is written by Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay.  This is a meat-smoking manifesto!  The book honestly had me drooling just from the delicious looking picture on the front.

Franklin Barbecue really gives you a ton of information about barbecuing.  The book even explains to you how much time really can be put into making good barbecue.  The book contains beautiful pictures that really show you how the food should look.  This is not just a cookbook though.  It explains more than recipes in great detail.  It explains things like how to choose the right ribs.  It also talks about choosing the right wood, and where to find it.  This book even gets into detail about smokers.  Franklin Barbecue also gives simple steps for smoking any kind of meat.  I was really impressed with how much I learned from this book.  This really is a great resource for someone that wants to get serious about smoking their own meats at home.

This book includes a great selection of barbecue recipes.  I fell in love with the recipe section of this book.  It has recipes for brisket, spare ribs, beef ribs, sauce, beans, and so much more.  The recipes really show you step by step how to create these amazing barbecue dishes.  They also include photos of the recipe throughout the process of creating it.  I really like that they even go as far as to explain how to correctly cut brisket.  I was impressed.  

About the authors. . . 
Aaron Franklin is from Bryan, Texas.  Aaron and his wife are the founders of Franklin Barbecue.  Jordan Mackay is a wine and beverage critic.  

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus - Review

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I am always looking for ways to teach my 8 and 10 year old about the Bible.  I know they get bored with some of the wording in the regular Bible.  I am always looking for Bibles that are created with kids in mind.  This is a great way to teach your children about the Bible, but it really does make it fun for them.  The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus is a great Bible that was written with kids in mind.  

The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus is a colorful book.  This makes it fun for children to read.  The Book is written with simple text.  This makes is easy for children to read, but it also makes it so they aren't frustrated while reading.  My kids enjoyed the colorful pictures on the pages too.  This children's Bible is the perfect length too.  It isn't too long, and that makes it easy for children to read.  The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus is a Bible that teaches stories about Jesus.  It tells about Jesus and Mary.  It explains that Jesus was the son of God.  This Children's Bible includes stories like Jesus Calms the Storm, Jesus and the Children, Jesus Feeds Thousands, and more.  

My 8 and 10 year old enjoyed this Bible.  It is a great resource to have if you want a Bible that will teach your children, and do so at their level.  The stories are simplified for children.  They are interesting, and my children enjoyed taking turns reading this.  This is a good bible to use for Bible study too.  This is a hardbound children's Bible that looks like it will hold up to children that might even be a little rough with the books. The pages are make of durable cardboard, and this is definitely a plus!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dinner Made Easy with Del Real Foods - Party in a Box Giveaway 4/30

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We always have busy weeknights.  We have after school activities, homework, and dinner.  It can be hard to get a homemade meal on the table when I am in a rush!  I love when I find foods that are quick, but made with quality ingredients.  That is exactly what Del Real Foods has to offer.  They offer homemade style Mexican foods, but they are ready quick!  They are great for a weeknight meal when you are in a rush, but they are great when you want to entertain guests.  Del Real foods always impresses me.  I would compare their items to restaurant quality Mexican food, but you do not even have to leave the house to enjoy them!

Del Real offers a huge selection of Mexican dishes.  They offer meats that you simply warm and serve.  These are always great for tacos or burritos.  They also offer tamales.  These are so good.  They are the best store bought tamales I have ever had!  Del Real also offers papusas.  These are similar to tamales because they are made with masa, but they are round.  These are so good.  The cheese just oozes out of them when you cut into them.  The papusas are great with any of the Del Real salsa.  Their Salsa de Mocajete Roja is a red salsa loaded with roasted peppers.  We also sampled the Al Pastor Taco Kit.  This includes everything you need to make delicious street tacos.  They are so good.  Do you want authentic Mexican sides with your Del Real meal?  They also offer homemade style rice and refried beans.  These are the perfect side to add to any of their dishes.

These are just some of the tasty and authentic Mexican style food items that Del Real has to offer.  You can learn more about their delicious items by visiting their website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Giveaway - Enter to win a Del Real Party in a Box.  This box will be full of items to enjoy your own Mexican Fiesta!

Open to US residents 18 years of age and older.  The giveaway will end on 4/30/15 at 8:59 PM PST.  The winner will be chosen randomly.  The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to contact me back to claim their prize.  Mommie of 2 is not responsible for lost prizes or prizes not received.  Bloggers reviewing for this company are not eligible to win.  If you have won a giveaway on any blog from this company, then you are not eligible to win.

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Makeup from Brilliance New York - Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

Good quality makeup is important to me.  That is exactly what I found when I tried out some of the makeup that Brilliance New York has to offer.  I look for makeup that looks great on, but also is easy to apply.  I think it is important that makeup lasts throughout the day.  The makeup from Brilliance New York definitely held up to my standards.

I use a lip liner before I apply gloss or lipstick.  I chose Brilliance New York's Perfect Blend Lip Pencil.  This pencil comes in 4 colors.  I chose Pink Delight.  This is a great color if you like lighter colors and nudes.  The pencil goes on easily and smooth.  The pencil also has a tip on the end for blending.  I also tried out their Allure Shine Lip Gloss.  I chose the Sweet Pink color.  This is a great pink that borders on being a nude.  It isn't too bright and is great if you like neutral colors.  The gloss goes on very shiny, but doesn't feel sticky on.  I love that.  I find that the color really lasts too.  

I think eye makeup is very important.  Brilliance New York offers a great selection of eye makeup. They offer mascara, eye shadow, and liners.  I received a Satin Glide Eye Pencil.  I am very particular about eye liner.  I hate eye liner that is hard to apply, clumps, and just doesn't look good on.  The Satin Glide Eye Pencil is impressive.  This liner glides on easily.  I love that the pencil twists up with ease, and doesn't need sharpening.  The pencil also comes with a blending tip on the end of it.  I was also pleased with how well this eye liner stayed on.  I didn't have problems with it running off.  

Brilliance New York offers a great selection of makeup, but they also offer hair care products, skin care products, hair tools, and more.  

They are offering my readers 40% off of their purchase too!  Use the code mommieblog40 at the checkout to save!  This is a great deal.  

You can also connect with Brialliance New York on Facebook and Twitter.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Get Ready for Spring with Transitions Lenses from

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Did you know that you can order prescription glasses online?  I love the idea behind this.  My daughter has been wearing glasses for a little over a year now.  We love to have at least one extra pair of glasses around for her. is a place where you can order prescription eyeglasses for the entire family.  They offer glasses for men, women, and children.  

It is Spring and the sun is so bright in Vegas.  My daughter has to wear her glasses all the time.  However, when they go outside for PE at school it is so sunny.  It is really hard for a 2nd grader to switch from prescription glasses to prescription sunglasses throughout the day.  Oh and I forgot to mention not end up leaving them someone when she is switching.  

Transitions lenses are a great way to get all the benefits of sunglasses, but not have to switch into them.  These lenses are so neat.  My daughter loves them.  My daughter chose a pair of frames from the website.  They are adorable.  The Vera Bradley frames are a boysenberry color.  The arms of these frames have pink and boysenberry paisley design.  The lenses are the transitions lenses.  These lenses are clear inside, but when she goes outside the self adjust and darken. This is so neat!  I love that her eyes are protected from the bright sun and these glasses really make things so easy for her.

Have you considered ordering prescription glasses online? makes it super easy to order.  The process of entering your prescription is very simple.  You can visit their website to learn more.  

You can also connect with on Facebook and Twitter.

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MTK - Mini Treasure Kids - Australian Children's Clothing Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

Do you have a child that you love to dress in quality children's clothing?  My 8 year old loves to put on pretty dresses.  Mini Treasure Kids is a place to get beautiful clothing for children that is luxurious, and made with quality materials.  Mini Treasures Kids offers clothing options in sizes 0-14.  This Australian clothing line is made with children in mind.  The line offers beautiful clothing that is elegant, and stylish.  I was truly impressed.

We received a package from Australia from Mini Treasure Kids.  My 8 year old wears a size 7, and it really can be hard to find items in the US that fit her.  There are a number of companies that do not even offer this size.  I have noticed that some brands skip from a 6 to an 8.  That doesn't always work for my 8 year old.  A size 6 dress is too short, and she ends up drowning in a size 8.  However, Mini Treasures Kids does.  I was really pleased with this.  It makes it so easy to find a beautiful dress that fits her just right.

Mini Treasure Kids offers a huge selection of beautiful party dresses for little girls.  My daughter had to put one on as soon as the package arrived.  They fit her perfectly.  These dresses are really well made.  My daughter loves them so much she wants to wear them all the time.  I was even impressed with how well these dresses wash up.  I used a gentle cycle and washed them on delicate.  I then set them out to dry, and they looked great.

Mini Treasure Kids sent my daughter a stripe style dress in beige.  This is an adorable dress with an adorable satin collar.  I really love this neutral color.  We also received a Mila lace dress.  This style is really fun.  It is loose, and I love how it flows.  The material is very soft and comfortable too.  The Indie dress is also another great dress!  My daughter fell in love with the sleeveless tank style dress that has fringe on it.  She honestly cannot pick just one favorite.  They all look great on her!

Mini Treasure Kids also offers stylish shoes for children.  These are the perfect accent to any pretty party dress that they offer.  They offer these in a variety of colors too.  My daughter received the Faith shoes in tan.  This is an adorable flat that has a cute strap that fastens around the ankle.  They are the perfect party shoes.  Maybe you  need a hair bow to go with your daughter's dress?  Mini Treasures Kids offers those too.  

These are just some of the beautiful clothing options that Mini Treasure Kids offers.  They offer clothing for both boys and girls.  You can learn more about their lovely line of Australian clothing for children by visiting their website.  

You can also purchase items from their clothing line here.

You can also connect with MTK on Facebook and Instagram.

US residents can learn more about MTK by checking out their US wholesale agent.  You can also contact them at

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

BoConcept is Giving Away a $5,000 Interior Makeover #TheGuest

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I was recently introduced to BoConcept.  What exactly is BoConcept?  It is a modern furniture retailer.  They are based in Denmark, but they have locations in 60 countries all around the world.  Pretty neat!  BoConcept isn't just a furniture retailer though.  Their service goes way beyond that.  They actually offer service that helps the customer make more out of the space they have.  This is really something that appeals to me.  I always wonder what type of furniture would look best, and fit well in the rooms in my house.  BoConcept offers beds, rugs,

BoConcept has created a really fun video to help celebrate a contest they are running.  The film is titled "The Guest."  This video features Mads Mikkelson and Dejan Cukic.  The video debuted March 18th.  This video really is fun.  It really showed me just how BoConcept can turn any area into something amazing.  I really thought it was funny how the guest enjoyed the reclining chair.  The table that had a special compartment, and had sushi hidden in it was too much fun.  The kitchen table that easily reduces in size was neat.  This video really showed me how modern furniture really can make any living area into something truly amazing.  What did you think of this video?  You can watch the video below.

I have fallen in love with the concept behind BoConcept's modern furniture.  It gets better though!  They are running a great contest.  They are giving away an interior makeover valued at $5,000.  Who would love some of their amazing pieces for their very own home?  You can visit their website here to enter to win.  You can also view the complete details and rules of the contest there too.  The contest entry is really easy.  It simply asks for a few pieces of info.  One of them includes why you should win.  Why do you think you should win BoConcept's contest for an interior home makeover?

Disclosure - This is a sponsored post.  I will be compensated.  All opinions are still completely my own.