Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Firmoo Glasses Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

I am always looking for great prescription eye glasses.  I have been wearing prescription glasses for over 20 years.  I look for glasses that are great quality, but also stylish.  Firmoo has so many great options when it comes to prescription glasses, and fashion frames.  Did you know that you can order stylish frames without a prescription from Firmoo also?  

I was given the opportunity to choose a pair of high quality frames and lenses from Firmoo.  I had a hard time choosing.  It was because they offer so many great styles on frames.  They offer the newest trends in frames.  Firmoo frames are also high quality.  They are comfortable to wear, and they are durable.  I have always been impressed.  

I chose the frames pictured below.  I really love how they are light weight glasses.  I feel really stylish while wearing them too.  This is a great frame if you have a small face.  The frame is comfortable to wear all day long.  I also was impressed with my high quality lenses from Firmoo.  They offer lenses that have no prescription.  They also offer lenses if you are near sighted or far sighted.  Their glasses make a great choice for everyday wear, or a reasonable purchase for a spare pair.

What is you favorite style frame from Firmoo?

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Beautiful Word Bible - Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

Easter is going to be here in a few months.  Are you looking for a meaningful and beautiful gift?  The Beautiful Word Bible is a unique bible with 500 full color illustrated versus.  This is more than just a bible.  This makes a neat gift for a mom, aunt, sister, or special someone.  

The New International Version of the Bible is the most read version and most trusted version in the English language.  This version is a result of 60 years of work by a committed that translated it.  The translators of this version come from a variety of denominations.  This has helped created a version that is relevant.

This New International Version of the Bible has all the great scripture that we expect to be in the bible.  I love that it has beautiful and artistic words next to the scripture.  This helps explain the bible in more depth.  It makes it a neat experience to read.

I have personally wanted a copy of the bible for the house.  I have it on my e-reader, but it is always nice to have a paper version when I want to read something with my children.  This is a great version to have around just for that.  

You can order your own copy of this beautiful bible here.  

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Cats in Paris - Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

I am officially obsessed with these adult coloring books that are now available.  I love to spend my time coloring the intricate and beautiful designs in these.  I recently received a copy or Cats in Paris.  This is one of my favorite adult coloring books so far.  This is the perfect coloring book if you are a cat lover.  This book is full of pages that are just of cats.  There are so many fun pages to color.  You can find pages of cats lounging around.  You can also find pages of cats jut having fun.  The pages are not flimsy either.  The pages in this book are thicker than just a normal coloring book.  This makes it really nice if you like to color with marker.  You can also use colored pencils to color these fun cat designs. 

This is a great coloring book for adult that love art, and to color.  This is not just a typical coloring book.  The designs are much more intricate than your typical children's coloring book.  This book is great for older children that love to color more challenging designs.  My 8 year old daughter loves these adult coloring books because they are much more challenging and the pictures are much more detailed than what you find out there for children.  She also loves kitties, so this was a big hit!  

You can learn more about this book here.

You can learn more about the author here.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Magic Tree House - Newest Books - Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

I love to receive books to review, or for my kids to check out and then review.  We love books.  We recently received copies of the 2 newest Magic Tree House books.  We are huge fans of Magic Tree House books.  My 8 year old has recently really gotten into this series of books.  This is a great series of chapter books for young readers.  These books are simple enough that young readers that are ready for chapter style books to read on their own.  My daughter enjoys the stories, and I personally love that she can read them without frustration.  

I want to introduce you to Magic Tree House's Fact Tracker - Dogsledding and Extreme Sports.  This is a Nonfiction book.  It is by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce.  It is a non fiction companion book to the Magic Tree House Book #54.  This is actually a really neat way to get your child interested in non fiction books.  If they read the Magic Tree House Book #54 then this goes along with it.  The book explains facts that your child might be interested in from reading Magic Tree House #54.  It explains things like how sled dogs can handle racing in such cold weather, and much more.  Magic Tree House #54 is Balto and the Blue Dawn.  This book is by Mary Pope Osborne too.  The story follows jack and Annie as they head out on a mission.  They need to save the town.  They are in Nome, Alaska.  Why are so many people get sick and dying?  Jack and Annie need to get to Anchorage mostly by dogsled and get medicine to help save people.  The story really teaches children about how being helpful and caring about other people is so important.  Both of these books are really great reads.  

I just recently found out some really neat news for those of you that have children that love the Magic Tree House series. . . 
The Magic Tree House Kids' Adventure Club is launching this year.  Your child can get packages in the mail that are just for members.  The neat part is that your child will have an opportunity to Skype with Mary Pope Osborn!  This really is neat.

Join the club at

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Whatever Is Lovely - Coloring Book Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

You have seen me review a great selection of these new adult coloring books that are so popular now.  Whatever is Lovely is the newest one that I received from WaterBook Press.  This is a coloring book for reflection and worship.  It is a beautiful coloring book, but it also has so many great messages inside.  The pages are filled with beautiful pictures to color along with inspiration righ from the bible.  The pictures to color in the book are an illustration of the verse.  This makes a great gift.  This book is a coloring book geared towards adults, but it is also great for older children.

This coloring book is full of double sided pages to color.  We love to color in the book with super sharp colored pencils.  These work great to make sure you can get all the fine detail in the pictures.  However, the pages of the book are not flimsy.  They are made of heavy paper, so you can even use some really nice bright colored markers to color the pages.  The book retails for about $14.99.  

Do you know someone that would love a copy of this coloring book?  You can learn more about it here.  Please let me know what you think of it if you order a copy for yourself!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.