Friday, February 18, 2011

99 Cent Only Store Addict

If you have one of these near you it is definately worth checking out!  I make a trip there once a week and find great things.  You never know what you will find there.  I find amazing things all the time.  I found hair products a few weeks ago that ranged from $15-$20 each last week.  I've even found Littlest Petshop toys too!  They also have a fresh food section that's awesome.  They always have fresh produce, but sometimes you find great stuff like decent size packages of yogurts, shredded cheese, lunch meat and other stuff.  I will say that once in awhile I find one apple in a big bag that is bruised up, but I just toss it.  It's still a steal for 99 cents.  I was told that they get shipments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It's usually in the am sometime, but it just depends on when the truck comes.  The most important thing is if you see if you have to buy it then because if you go back it will probably be gone!

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