Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SC Johnson Smart and Easy Review

I was so happy to open my package with all these neat goodies in it from bzzagent.com to try for free!

Scrubbing Bubbles - Mega Shower Foamer, Lemon Clean Pledge, Glade Candle in Sparkle of Spring scent, Glade Plug-In Crisp Waters and Scrubbing Bubbles Continuos Cean Toilet Cleaning Gel were all included in the box!

I got my bzzkit today with lots of neat free Spring Cleaning goodies from SC Johnson.  I opened my bzzkit and was excited.  My son that is 6 helped me get all the stuff out of the box.  Kids always get so excited to get any kind of package in the mail! 

We got a chance to try the "Sparkle of Spring" candle today!  We really needed it too because we had a hamster that had babies the other day and unfortunately I was told not to disturb the cage at all or change the litter in it until the babies are older.  The "Sparkle of Spring" candle smells great and helps the house not smell of odors.  I enjoyed the scent because it's light and has a floral smell with a hint of citrus.  I also like that the smell of the candle isn't too strong and overpowering.

Next I got a chance to try out the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.  I liked this product.  I simply just cleaned my toiled as I normally do and then you squeeze some of the gel on the side of the toilet.  It was very easy to use also.  There aren't any strong odors either from it.  We seem to get hard water stains on our toilets and I'm hoping that this will help eliminate that some! 

I also got a chance to try "Scrubbing Bubbles" Mega Shower Foamer.  I was a bit skeptical about trying this because it says scrubbing is virtually obsolete.  I tried it and I barely had to scrub the shower/tub in order to get it clean.  Overall I was impressed on how it cleaned up the shower/tub with little work at all.  It did a great job getting rid of soap scum and hard water spots too. 

I also got a bottle of Lemon Clean Pledge.  Thhis is actually a product I am familiar with.  It works well on dust, but doesn't leave a ton of oily residue behind.  I hate when I dust items in the house with a cleaner and it leaves oil or a chemical residue behind.  My kids love to touch everything and I don't want it to come off on their hands.  Overall this is a great product for dusting the entire house!

I haven't yet had a chance to try the Glade Plugins refill yet in the Crisp Waters sent.  I will say that I can smell it through the package and it smells really nice.  I can't wait to try it out.

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