Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hormel Compleats Kids Microwave Meals Review

I was recently given the opportunity from to try these for my kids.  I was lucky enough to get to try these out for free.  I was very excited to try them out for a number of reasons.  They are quick for a mom that is constantly on the go.  I was glad to find out that the sodium in them is pretty low for an already prepared meal that is shelf stable and doesn't need to be refrigerated or frozen.  I also like the fact that they are nutritious and that they also cook in only 45 seconds. 

My daughter really liked the Beef Ravioli and the Macaroni and Beef.  She tried the Chicken and Pasta variety and ate it, but the others were her favorite.  I tasted a little bit of these too and they were good.  The sauce on both was good and not too sweet like some kinds of prepackaged or prepared tomato sauces.  I would definately recomend these to busy mom's that still want to give their kids a healthy and quick meal. 

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