Friday, May 20, 2011

Kingston Technologies Data Travel Locker

I was really interested in how this product worked when I found out I was going to be given an opportunity to review the Kingston Technologies Data Travel Locker/ USB drive.  I am constantly bogging my computer down because I insist on taking tons of pictures of my kids.  Well, who doesn't?  My problem tends to be that I have so many pictures on my computer that it makes it run slow.  I got this in the mail yesterday and was able to try it out today.  I simply pulled it out of the package and plugged it into my computer.  I will be honest, I was worried that it would take some time to set up and figure out how to use.  In a matter of a few minutes I had installed the software and figured out how to start saving my photos from my computer onto the USB drive.  I also like how when I inserted the Data Tavel Locker it prompted me to set up the software.  I think that this is a great product because it is passoword protected.  This is important because if you lose the USB drive then nobody can see what is on it. 

Here is a video of me setting up the software.  You can see it was quick and super simple.  I am sometimes technology challenged and was able to figure it out!

I recently received this in the mail compliments of and all opinions are my own as always. 

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