Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peace in a Panda Shirtzz

Ok, so what is a Peace in a Panda Shirt?  It's a shirt that has an awesome cute little panda along with the words peace on it.  These shirts are currently on sale for $40.90.  They are adorable and you will be making a wonderful statement that we can live in harmony.  Take a look here. 


They come in 3 different colors and the best part is . . . . $2 will be donated to the Clintion Foundation.  If you aren't familiar with the Clinton Foundation you can find out more here. 


I came across these shirtz because I am a fan of http://www.facebook.com/MyHoodiezz?ref=ts on facebook.  Head over to their page and give them a like and find out more about what they are and find out about the other great products that are available.  I was introduced to them from a blog I read daily. 

All opinions are completely my own as always and I was not compensated.

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