Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Awesome Tie Dye on stylefind.com

I just got done browsing on Stylefind.com and all of the Tie dye prints really caught my eye.  I actually recently bought a Tie dye swim suit because I thought it was super cute.  It sure makes me feel so much better knowing that Stylefind.com is featuring prints like this.  It actually makes me feel a little more in the know with my fashion sense.  I love the prints that they are showing and they are very cute and summery.  I love that this print can be used on swimwear, tops and purses and look really cute.

I love that this look is so versatile.  They even have tie dye print shoes!  That is really cute.  If you have a minute check it out and the prices are reasonable too!

I found out about stylefind.com because I am a bzzagent.


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