Friday, July 1, 2011

Kingston Technology Data Traveler Locker Video Review and Update

If you have a minute you can take a look at my quick little video review I did on the Kingston Technology Data Traveler Locker.  I love this product that I was able to try compliments of  I have actually been using it all of the time to save the photo files on my computer.  It makes me feel secure that I will never have to worry about losing important photo files of my kids.  You can use it to save other types of files, but personally I am using it for my kids photo files.  It is upsetting to lose something that is meaningful and this product provides me with peace of mind.

I just wanted to update a little more and say that I have really enjoyed using my Kingston Technology Data Travleler Locker.  I will continue to use this product even after this bzz campaign ends.  I really have gained from using this product.  I will tell you that I keep all of my photo files of my kids on my Data Traveler.  I never have to worry about them my photo files getting lost or if there is a computer crash them being gone.  If you are a parent like me then you completely understand how horrible the thought of that can be.  Even if you don't have kids and want to use this product to back up other important files it is great.

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