Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gabby God's Little Angel - Sheila Walsh - Author - Marina Fedotova - Illustrator

Gabby God's Little Angel is an amazing children's book.  This book is an adorable way to teach children about angels.  This book does an excellent job explaining to children that God is watching over them.  I love how it does this on a level that is perfect for little ones to understand.  I think that this book clearly explains to children without making things overly complicated.  My daughter is 4 and clearly understood the ideas behind this book  The book is very heartwarming and put a smile on my face.  My daughter and I enjoyed the lovely story too.  The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful illustrations on the front and inside the book.  The characters are so adorable!  My daughter knew that this book was her's as soon as I pulled it out of the package.  She was drawn to the adorable pictures.    I would highly suggest this for a great read for your child.  I enjoyed it myself too.

Sheila Walsh is the Author of God's Little Princess Series.

I received this book in the mail today compliments of BookSneeze.

Here is some information if you are interested in purchasing "Gabby God's Little Angel"  for your little one.

Gabby God's Little Angel

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