Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mat Kearney's Album "Young Love" Review

I was recently chosen to review Mat Kearney's new album.  The album is called "Young Love." I honestly will tell you that I knew nothing about the artist before receiving the CD.  I do like to listen to all types of music and was excited when I heard the upbeat sound of this album,  I really enjoyed it.  The first track on the album is called "Hey Mama."  It's really a catchy song and I enjoyed it.  I then listened to the rest of the CD and I enjoyed the rest of it as well.  One of my other favorites from the album is "Ships in the Night."  His music is very heartfelt.  The smooth sound of the songs are a great choice if you enjoy soft rock.  I will be placing this CD in the car to listen to because I enjoyed it so much.  The CD included the following catchy songs.

Hey Mama
Ships in the Night
Count on Me
 Sooner or Later
Chasing the Light
Learning to Love Again.
She Got the Honey
Young Dumb and in Love

I thought it was interesting when I found out that Mat Kearney has also done quite a bit of music in many popular TV shows.  Some of those shows include Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock.

You can check out the video of "Hey Mama" from the album, but don't forget to tell me what you think.  I enjoyed the video when I watched it.

If you enjoy the video you can also see Mat Kearney on tour in the upcoming months.  Check out his website and see if he will be at an Event near you.

I received a copy of Mat Kearny's albumn compliments of One2OneNetwork in return for my honest review.

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