Monday, September 26, 2011

Does your kids lunchbox need a makeover?

Bzzagent is running a Daily Bzz today for the neatest lunch container.  It's for the LunchBots Duo Stainless Steel Snack Container.

How would you use this fun lunch container?

I really need this for my son.  We are only in to the 4th week of school with him and having a hard time finding fun stuff for him to eat for lunch that's healthy.  This LunchBots container would be great because I could put a variety of different things in it and not have to worry about it getting smashed in his lunchbox.  My son is very pick and won't eat the hot lunch at school.  He brings his lunch everyday, but gets bored with what I give him.  This would make it so I could put anything he wanted in his lunch.

Check out how cute it is!  

The LunchBot Duo would fit great inside his lunchbox.  My son likes to bring cut up lunchmeat, cheese, fruit and some crackers to school for lunch.  When he brings them in plastic bags everything ends up smashed and not holding up too well.  We've tried a bunch of little plastic containers, but it's a pain for him (he's a 1st grader) to open and close a bunch of them.  The LunchBot Duo would work great!

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