Thursday, October 20, 2011 take the hard part out of deal finding!

I found out about because I am a bzzagent.  I signed up and was impressed that it takes my previous shopping history and finds deals that are customized just for you.  I am always in a rush with two kids and I am all about saving time and money!  Anything like this that can make my life easier is a plus!  I love that it creates your own personalized shopping DNA.  This is a very unique website that I am enjoying.  I also enjoy that I get emails telling me about deals.  The best part is that I am never overwhelmed with emails from  I will be honest and when that happens it turns me off to a company or brand.  If you are interested in using you should sign up.  I would recommend it to anyone that is a deal hunter, but doesn't want to do all the hard work.  Everyone's deals will be different because everyone shops for different things.  Some of the deals has found for me have been kids toys, clothing items, shoes and much more.  If you are interested in seeing what kind of deals it will find for you then you should sign up.  There is no fee to sign up either!  That's important too!

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