Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HEXBUG NANO Habitat Review

My 4 and 6 year old actually told me about these when they first came out.  They think they are the neatest things and they are.  What is a HEXBUG?  It's a little robotic bug that somehow magically moves around.  It is so much fun to watch them run around.  We recently had the opportunity to review the HEXBUG Nano Original Habitat Set.  I opened the box and would like to say that putting this together was very easy.  I am not fond of toys that are difficult even for me to put together.  I like that the pieces of this set just snap together.  A great part about this habitat is that the parts can be moved around and your kids can use their imagination to customize the habitat however they would like it. We had fun setting the habitat up a few different ways.  We had a really easy time changing it around and it only took about a minute or two to rearrange the habitat a different way.  I love that the habitat keeps the HEXBUGS inside it, so the little guys don't wander around your house.  I like that the habitat starts you off with two HEXBUG NANO bugs to play with.  Also, these are two rare Nano mutations that are included in the set.    This is a great starter set and my kids really enjoyed playing with it.  This would make a great holiday gift.  I would suggest not giving this to anyone under the age of 3 years old though as the HEXBUGS are small.  This is a great gift idea for kids that like robotic toys.  It's interactive and fun.  This is a toy that will hold your child's interest and they won't bore of easily.  That is always great!  This is also a lot of fun for our cat.  He was thoroughly amused by the HEXBUGS and he thought that this was a new toy for him!  HEXBUG makes other types of bugs too!  What HEXBUG do you think your child would enjoy playing with?

Want to buy your own?  You can buy the HEXBUG Nano Original Habitat Set at retailers for about $24.99.  

Disclosure - I received a HEXBUG NANO Original Habitat Set in order to facilitate my review, but this did not influence my opinion  All opinions are completely and honesly my own as always.  


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  3. I'm thinking our hermit crab would be very happy to run around in one of these. I only wonder if he (could be a she I don't know) would escape into the house only to be found like our desert tortoise in my closet on the floor with the shoes.

    Your blog is beautiful

  4. Thanks for the tip. It's a great idea for a Christmas gift.

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