Friday, December 2, 2011


About CALNATURALE - It comes in both a Cabernet Sauvignon variety and Chardonnay variety.  CALNATURALE is available in a few different sizes.  You can buy it in a 500 ML and a 1 liter.  It is a reasonably priced wine at $6.99/500ML or $12.99/1 liter.  I received the 500 ML to try out.  I find that this is a good size and not as wasteful (for me anyway) as a whole bottle.  CALNATURALE does not come in a bottle, but comes in a Tetra Pak.  It is also made with 100% organically grown grapes.

This would make an excellent gift for the holiday season or even a great item to bring over to a holiday party when you don't know what to bring!

CALNATURALE is a unique wine that is excellent.  My husband and I enjoyed testing out the Cabernet Sauvignon variety and the Chardonnay variety this evening.  Both the Cabernet and Chardonnay are wines that I would recommend.  The Cabernet Sauvingnon has a nice flavor and has a touch of fruitiness to it that I love.  The Chardonnay was also great and has a really crisp flavor that both my husband and I enjoyed.  I will definitely be purchasing CALNATUALE wines more often.  I love that they are organic, come in two different sizes, but also taste excellent.  I love that I can open a 500 ML container of the CALNATURALE for my husband and I and not have to worry about wasting the rest of the bottle.  This is really a nice size if a few people want to have a small glass of wine.

Want to buy it?  You can find CALNATURALE wine at Publix, Whole Foods and H.E.B.

Disclosure - I received two 500 ML containers of CALNATURALE wine in order to facilitate my review.  ALl opinions are completely my own as always and no monetary compensation was provided.


  1. I have been wondering about the wines in the Tetra packaging. Glad I have stumbled on your review! Following back from the hop.

  2. I've never seen wine in a tetra pak before! How interesting... it's nice that it's made with 100% organic grapes, though.