Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Rockin' Old Navy Bundle-Up Bash Party Compliments of Crowdtap

I am a member of Crowdtap which is an awesome website that you get to give your opinion on many things.  You have probably heard me talk about it before.  You earn money and points in return for giving your opinion - discussions, answering quick questions and sometimes you get a great opportunity to get free products.  This is the third time I've been chosen to get free products from Old Navy.

This was the favorite for myself, my sister and my mom.  It's so soft.

I had the opportunity to host a Bundle-Up Bash Party at Old Navy with 3 of my friends!  I was so excited when I was chosen I was jumping up and down.  So my party consisted of myself, my mom, my sister and my aunt going to Old Navy to get new outfits - completely for free!  Awesome!

I loved this sweater too, but got one of the ones above instead.

The Old Navy Party was awesome.  We all found super cute winter outfits.  The four of us all had a coupon for a pair of bottoms, a sweater and a winter accessory.  There were so many choices to choose from.  Everyone found something super cute.  I know my mom, sister and I all purchased the same style sweater.  it was a light sweater with very soft material and it was a 3/4 length sleeve.  For some reason most of us favored the skinny style jeans.  We found that these worked great for those of us that are on the short side.  My aunt purchased a different style sweater that had some cute stripes and her pants were the kind that can roll up at the bottom.  We also found some super cute scarves to go with our outfits.  I went with something a little different than the norm and got one that has some sequins on it!

I couldn't believe the selection of bottoms at Old Navy to Bundle-Up for the winter.  They had so many to choose from including jeans, leggings, workout pants, dress pants and that's just some of them.  They have so many great sweaters and they have something for almost everyone.  I loved the cute scarves they have and they carry ones that are dressy and others that are much more casual.  If you are looking for a really cute, but warm outfit for the winter you can definitely find one at Old Navy!

This is the outfit I bought.  I love the sequin scarf!

What winter item can you use from Old Navy?

Disclosure - I received 4 coupons for myself and 3 others to Old Navy to purchase pants, sweaters and a winter accessory compliments of Crowdtap.  All opinions are 100% my own as always.


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