Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grapple Fruit Review

Grapple Crunches like an Apple. Tastes like a Grape.

Grapple brand apples are the most unique apples I have ever tasted!  You are probably wondering how an apple can be unique, but once I tell you this you will probably be very interested.  A Grapple is an apple, but it tastes like a grape.   This amazing combination tastes so good!  It's a wonderful crunchy and sweet fruit.  They smell so good too!  The 4 that we had to sample were inhaled by my children in a day.  They love apples, but the absolutely love Grapples!  Grapples have even been featured on show Unwrapped on Food Network.

I was really intrigued to find out how these sweet Grapples are made.  I looked into it more on their website.  They first start out with a Gala or Fuiji apple.  Then they infuse the apple with flavor.  This is so neat.  The process itself has been licensed.

I would definitely recommend Grapples.  They are crunchy and sweet.  I love them as a healthy snack for my entire family.  They are fun to eat too!

If you want to purchase your own Grapples you can order them or you can use their product locator to find them near you.

You can also connect with Grapple Fruit on Facebook.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.  


  1. Love, love, love, this fruit! I tried it a while back when they had a free sample at my local Sam's Club. I usually don't like to try the "fusion" of foods but, for some reason this one I couldn't resist.(Might have something to do with my overwhelming love of Thanks for your review and a second on the "like O'Meter"! Yummy. :-D

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....