Friday, March 23, 2012

RW Garcia Premium Tortilla Chips Review

We really love tortilla chips, but I am very particular about the kind we buy.  I personally hate when they are overly salty or too oily.  RW Garcia offers a variety of tortilla chips that taste great and are made with good ingredients.  RW Garcia makes all natural chips and crackers.  They are also gluten free.  They are made with quality ingredients and you really can taste the difference.  I really like that none of them have too much salt and the flavor isn't too strong.  We enjoyed the RW Garcia tortilla chips plain just for snacking.  They are also great to dip in salsa too.  I personally loved them to make nachos.  You have probably heard me say before that my son can be a bit of a picky eater.  He loved these.  I feel good about him eating them.  The best part is that I know they are made with quality ingredients too.  RW Garcia's products are made with corn that is non GMO.  

I received a few varieties of RW Garcia's tortilla chips to try out.  I received some Mixtbag chips.  These are so neat.  If you have children they always want to eat things that are fun colors.  Well these chips are definitely that!  They come in two delicious varieties.  They have Yellow & Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.  This is so much fun.  They are blue and yellow chips.  We loved them and the kids thought they were really cool.  The best part is the colors are all natural.  They also come in a Red and Yellow variety.  These are a little more unique. We loved them.  The red coloring doesn't affect the flavor and it looks pretty neat.  The red chips are made by using red beet powder.  I personally had to look on the bag to find out how they did this and did it naturally.  We loved both varieties.  They have great flavor and I personally love that they are salted perfectly.

We also sampled RW Garcia's Dippers.  These are really good too!  The dippers come in 4 flavors.  These flavors are a little more unique.  We really enjoyed sampling them.  These are a strip shaped chip that can hold up to dipping.  You can definitely eat them plain though.  I used them to make nachos and they worked great and tasted great.  The Dippers come in Curry & Mango, Veggie (Spinach & Garlic, Red Beet & Onion and Tomato and Sesame), Blue Corn and lastly Savory.  I personally loved the Curry and Mango.  This was such a great flavor combination.  I love the touch of sweetness from the mango and the spice from the curry.  The Savory ones are excellent too because they are seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt and Tellicherry Pepper.  If you haven't tried Himalayan Salt it has a really good flavor.  The combination of the salt and pepper is a winner.  I also love that these are well seasoned, but not over seasoned.  That is really important to me.  The Dippers are also contain 3 seeds along with corn in them.  It gives them a really good flavor too.  They contain brown flaxseed, black sesame seeds and chia seeds.  We really enjoyed all the flavors of the Dippers.  What flavor would you want to try?

If you would like to purchase your own RW Garcia chips you can find out where they are available online or near you with their store locator.  

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Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.    

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  1. Curry and Mango sounds interesting. Thanks for the review!