Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy Good Sauce Review

My husband and I are always on the search for good hot sauce and spicy products.  I was really interested in trying Crazy Good Sauce because it sounded like something we would really like.  Crazy Good Sauce currently makes three varieties of hot sauce.  They also offer another product that I was really interested in trying. They also make something unique and it's called Nolan's Crazy Good Green Chile Dust.

The first thing from Crazy Good Sauce that I sampled was the Green Chile Dust.  This is a dry seasoning.  I first want to say that I haven't had anything like this before.  It can be used on so many different things.  It is going to stay right on my table.  I am always looking for a way to make my food a bit spicy and this is it!  I tried it in a variety of different ways and enjoyed all of them.  It is a versatile product.  I think if you love a little heat that it is a great substitute for regular salt or seasoned salt on your dinner table.  This product has a bit of heat, but also has great flavor.  It is a great way to season fries, burgers, pork, chicken, chili, popcorn, wings, eggs and so much more.  I am going to use this often!    I tried using this in my rice and loved it.  It was actually suggested that I add it to the water of my rice and it was so good this way.  It not only added a little heat, but it added flavor.  This is perfect for us because we eat a lot of rice.  I like to find ways to make my rice a little more exciting and this is it!  The Green Chile Dust is made with green chile from New Mexico.  I was reading the ingredients on this and it is made with sea salt as well.  I find that products made with sea salt have an excellent flavor.  They have also incorporated additional spices in this delicious Green Chile Dust.  I can't wait to continue to use this on my food to add flavor and heat.  What would you use it on?

Crazy Good Sauce makes hot sauces that have a great flavor too.  My husband and I are always saying we like hot sauces that have a good flavor and don't just have a burn.  I truly like hot food, but it has to be combined with other flavors too.  I personally stay away from sauces that taste mostly like vinegar too.  Crazy Good Sauce is a flavorful sauce that has a great amount of heat.  Jimmy's Crazy Good Red Chili Sauce was excellent.  This is a touch sweet and smokey.  It's not a watery hot sauce.  It's thick and full of flavor.  I liked it on everything I tried it on.  I used it on chips, chicken, steak, and pizza.  This sauce would be great on anything from tacos to pizza.  The Southwest Sweet Heat is a wonderful sauce.  It is actually a winner of a 2012 Scovie Award!  I love that this sauce is also packed full of flavor and not just heat.  It is a touch sweet and I like that.  I will say it has a nice amount of heat too, but it's not just heat that you taste.  I love it.  This is also a nice thick sauce.  I really like that it's a bit chunky too.  I loved this variety on everything I tried it on.  It was good on chips, chicken, eggs and grilled meats.  I think I've probably used about half of each bottle just myself in the last 2 days because I love them both so much.  I have truly enjoyed that both of them have great flavor along with a nice amount of heat.  Which one would you want to try?

All of the Crazy Good Sauce products can be purchased directly from their website.  You can also connect with Crazy Good Sauce on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about their great products.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.     


  1. The chili dust is also good mixed with your hummus recipie! It adds a nice kick. Replace any of the salt in the recipie and use the dust instead.

    I use the green sauce on my eggs all the time. They add an umph that you can't get with tobasco or tapatio.

    1. I am going to have to try that in my hummus.

  2. The dust is very good on popcorn with a little butter!