Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Don Sabrosa Salsa Bowls Review

I love salsa.  It can be hard to find a really good packaged salsa.  I personally like having a salsa in my pantry, so I have it when I need it.  I don't always want to have to make it when I want it.  I found out about Don Sabrosa Salsa and was really interested in trying it.  I also like that they make a salsa bowl too.  This is a plastic bowl that is filled with salsa.  This is also shelf stable and doesn't need to be refrigerated.  Don Sabrosa Salsa is an excellent salsa! 

I received four varieties of the Don Sabrosa Salsa Bowls.  We sampled them with chips and enjoyed them all.  My daughter is 5 and loves salsa.  Her favorite is the Mild Sweet salsa.  This is an excellent salsa.  It is very mild and great if you have children that enjoy salsa, but not the heat.  She really enjoyed dipping her chips in this one.  My personal favorite is the Medium Roasted Garlic Salsa Bowl.  I made some nachos and used this on top of them and it was so good.  This salsa has an excellent flavor from the roasted garlic and it has just the right amount of heat.  The Medium Black Bean and Corn was delicious too.  This one has a really good southwest flavor that I enjoyed.  The last one I sampled was the Sweet with a little Heat.  This is a medium salsa.  It has a little sweetness and it's got a nice amount of spice.  We truly enjoyed all of them.  I really like that this salsa is thick and chunky and not watery.  They are super flavorful and great on any Mexican food or great for dipping veggies and chips.  

Don Sabrosa Salsa is very different than just your average salsa.  They use all natural and fresh ingredients.  You really can tell the difference in the taste alone!  They don't just use vegetables in their salsas.  They use fruit as well to give it a sweet flavor that is really good.  I think it contrasts well with the spice in many of them too!  Their salsa can also be purchased in a jar if you prefer that.  I love the bowls too though because it's a quick way to put out a healthy snack.

What variety would you want to try?  

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Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.      

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