Monday, May 21, 2012

Enjoying the Outdoors with Coppertone

I love spending time outdoors in the Spring and Summer, but it can be hard to protect yourself and your family from sun.  I personally have very fair skin and my children luckily took more after their father.  I can burn easily in minutes if I don't use sunblock.  I have to make sure that I put it on myself daily.  I also put it on my 5 and 7 year old daily before we leave the house.  I don't think all sunblocks are equal because I have found some that I burn shortly after applying them.  I personally think it's very important to take care of your skin in the sun.  My mom had skin cancer, so I know how dangerous the sun can be.  

I received some Coppertone samples that I have been sharing with friends and family.  The little sample size bottles I received are great to keep with me and share when someone needs some sunblock.  We've also been handing them out when we host outdoor playdates.  I have received some really good feedback about the product.  I personally think it works great too.  The Coppertone Sunblock has allowed us to stay outside and enjoy lots of activities.  Why do I like it?  It does a good job protecting from the rays of the sun.  It is easy to apply and it blends in easily.  I like that it doesn't seem to run into our eyes after sweating.  The products I received from Coppertone are for babies and children, but I have personally tried them on my own skin.  They also seem to be gentle.  My favorite product that Coppertone offers is the Water Babies Foaming Variety!  It is really light and my kids don't mind when I put it on them.  It is easy to rub in and doesn't feel greasy on either!

Are you looking for a great sunblock?  You can find a large selection to meet your personal needs from Coppertone.  You can even print a $1 off coupon from their website to use towards your next purchase.

Disclosure - I am a Coppertone Water Mom.  I received no monetary compensation for writing this post.  I received free samples to facilitate my opinion.  All opinions stated are my own.  

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