Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Polly Pocket Hangout House and Stick N Play Room Review

My daughter loves Polly Pocket toys.  You should have seen her little face when I told her we were going to receive some Polly Pocket items to review.  She was so excited.  I was really thrilled too because we received some new Polly Pocket toys that my daughter hadn't even heard of yet!

We first opened the Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset.  My daughter loves it.  She doesn't stop playing with it.  She honestly has played with it for hours on end.  I love how fun the Polly Pocket Hangout House was too!  We found that this playset was different than some of the other Polly Pocket toys we've played with.  The pieces all had suction cups on the bottom.  Ok so what's the big deal about that?  This makes it super easy to keep track of all the pieces.  The fun part is that you can even stick things like a swing to the ceiling of the playset and it stays put.  This is a fun toy for young girls.  My daughter has truly enjoyed spending hours playing with it.  It's easy for her to move around too from room to room.

My daughter also loved the Polly Pocket Stick N Play Room she received.  She received a kitchen and is having so much fun with it.  She loves that she can do things like open and close the oven.  The oven even has a little pie inside that you can take in and out.  All of the pieces you see in this one are movable, but they also have suction cups on the bottom.  This is a perfect toy for on the go too because it's a smaller size than the larger playset.  I loved this one because of all the fun accessories Polly has to interact with.  The best part is that you can connect these sets together.  My daughter figured this out quickly and connected the Polly Pocket Hangout House to it.  She loves that you can combine the pieces too and have one larger set.  

We truly love the two Polly Pocket items we received.  We love that both of these sets are portable and now have suction cups on the pieces.  This really helps keep the parts all together.  These are a great toy for some nice quiet play.  My daughter really enjoys playing pretend with them.  They are a great way for a child to use their imagination.  These would make a wonderful gift for a special little girl too.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

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