Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feral Watches - Watches for the Wild

I first want to tell you what Feral Watches are.  They are super cute wrap watches.  Feral Watches wants to release 4 new really great watches.  In order to do this they need your help.  I love to support great small business.  I have been so lucky to have found so many amazing products through blogging.  Many of them need help getting a start.  Sometimes they need help trying to spread the word about how awesome the product they offer really is!  Feral watches is trying to raise $5,000, so they can release these 4 new watches.  If you want to help back them then what will happen is you will get dibs on one of the first of their watches if they make it to their goal.  You can find out the details by checking out Feral watches on Kickstarter.  You can watch the great video below about what they are trying to do.

You can purchase the current selection of Feral Watches by visiting their website.  They have some very cute watches that truly make a fashion statement.  They are fun and a great way to accessorize.  They currently offer 6 great watch options.  These would even make a really great holiday gift.  Do you know someone that loves great fashion items?  This would be great for them.  I personally love The Fringe - Black watch.  This is a great watch that would go with just about everything.  Which Feral Watch is your favorite?

You can learn more about Feral watches by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter.

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