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Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi for the Holidays and Sweet Peach and Moscato Preserves Recipe

I have previously reviewed some of the wonderful wines from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.  I was recently given the opportunity to review a few more of them.  I know that with the holidays coming up it can be hard to come up with something great to bring to a guests house when you are visiting.  It can also be challenging to think of great recipes or things to offer to your guests when they come to visit.  Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi helps make that a little easier.  

I received 3 varieties of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and was truly impressed by all of them.  I received  a Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Moscato.  I love that all of these are great wines that are reasonably priced.  They all retail for about $7.99 a bottle.  This makes them perfect for gift giving.  They are also great if you are having guests over for the holidays.  Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi has made it possible to offer an excellent wine at an excellent price.  The best part is that your guests or those receiving the wine will be pleased with it too!  

Pinot Noir
I truly enjoyed this variety of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.  This is an excellent wine to pair with red meats or tomato based dishes.  It would be excellent with a fruit and cheese plate too.  This is a rich wine that have hints of fruit in it.  It is oak barrel aged.  This would be an amazing wine to bring to a dinner party during the holidays!

Cabernet Sauvignon
This is a rich red wine that has wonderful flavor.  This Cabernet Sauvignon is also great for holiday meals.  It's great with roasted meats.  It can be paired with a variety of foods.  It has a hint of fruitiness.  We enjoyed this with pasta with tomato sauce and it was excellent.

This is a sweetened white wine that is fruity.  It's very crisp and light.  it can be paired with a variety of different foods.  We enjoyed this as an after dinner wine.  It is also great as a dessert wine.  I received a recipe to share with you that looks amazing.  This is a recipe for Sweet Peach and Moscato Preserves.  This sounds like it would definitely be a hit.  I can also see maybe making this and canning it.  That would make a wonderful holiday gift too!

Sweet peach and Moscato Preserves Recipe
(Note-Recipe is not my own and provided compliment of a PR agency)

8  Ripe peaches, sliced 1/2 inch thick
3 Cups sugar
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
Rind of 1 lemon, peeled into large pieces using vegetable peeler
1 cup of 2011 Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Moscato
1 and a half -3oz packages liquid sure gel pectin
1 Tablespoon mint, sliced into thin ribbons
6-7 Sterile ½ pint mason jars with lids

1. In a medium stockpot, combine peaches, sugar, lemon juice, lemon rind and Moscato, bringing to a boil. 
2. Stirring gently, reduce to a slow simmer over medium heat. Cook 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Some foam may appear at the top of the pot, using a spider or a slotted spoon skim off the foam and discard. Remove lemon rind with a fork.
4. Add mint and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes.
5. Remove from the heat and add the liquid pectin stirring constantly. Return to a full rolling boil and cook for 1 minute. Quickly and very carefully ladle the preserves into sterilized jars, leaving 1/2 in head space at the top.
6. Place the lids on top of the jam jars. Carefully twist on the tops.
7. To Seal: Gently, place the jars in a large stockpot full of boiling water. Make sure that the jars are fully submerged in the boiling water. Let it sit in the simmering water for 10-15 minutes to set. Jars should seal by then. If not, they will seal while cooling.
8. Remove jars after 10-15 minutes, set aside to cool and set. You will hear a “pop” noise when jars are sealed.
9. Allow jars to set for 24 hours before opening.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.    

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