Monday, February 11, 2013

Omega Paw Review

My 2 cats are like my babies and I love spoiling them.  I recently found out a great company called Omega Paw that offers so many great products for cats and dogs.  They offer cat beds, litter boxes, scratchers, toys, dog treats and more!  My cats received an assortment of great items to try out and  are loving them!

My cat, Frodo, was very excited when the box of goodies came for him and Pippin.  He was of course the first to check the stuff out.  I put the Ripple Board Cat Scratch Massage Beds out and he hopped right in.  These are the neatest thing.  They are a comfy place for your cat to lounge, but they also double as a place for them to scratch.  The cardboard that these are made out of is textured and my cats seemed to enjoy that.  It gives them a nice little massage when they lay in it.  This cat bed has 3 layers too.  When your cat scratched through one layer you simply just remove it and then another layer is underneath.  Cat's can be very picky about things and I was surprised that Frodo jumped right into this bed within about a minute of me showing it to him!  

We also received some Door Hanging Scratch Pads.  My cats love these.  I do too because it saves my furniture.  These are great because you can hang them on any door and they don't take up much room either.  They are out of the way, but your cat still has a place to scratch.  I received 2 and I hung them in various places for my cats around the house.  These are great because they have been treated with catnip.  I have found that really helps get them to scratch on the pad instead of on other stuff around the house!

My cats love the Wacky Mouse Pom Pom toy too!  This is so much fun for them and a bit different than the toys they have.  They love batting at the pom pom and playing with it.  Both of my cats enjoy it.  The toy is something that will keep your cat entertained for awhile too.  I like that the base has some fluffy style carpet on it that makes it even more fun for them.  

We also received some Tricky Treat Ball toys.  These are typically used with dogs, but I have to cats and they love to play together.  I put some treats in the ball and they went bonkers playing with this.  They played with this for the longest time.  When the ball is rolled the treats come out.  It's really fun!  It was so much fun for them and it was definitely entertaining for everyone else in the house too!  

You can learn more about all of the Omega Paw Products by visiting their website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.    

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  1. Your cats are adorable and the Cat Scratch Massage Beds are a great idea!