Thursday, March 28, 2013

BabyGanics Hand & Face Wipes

I may not have a baby anymore, but my kids still can get messy.  They are 6 and 8 and there are still times that they need to wipe up their hands and face.  I am often out when this happens and think I could sure use some wipes for this!  BabyGanics offers Hand & Face Wipes that are perfect for messy situations.  

I keep the BabyGanics Hand & Face Wipes in my purse.  I love the 30 pack disposable packages.  These are nice for on the go.  I use these to wipe my kids hands up before they eat.  I use them to wipe them if they get messy while they are eating.  They are great to clean their face and hands after they have been playing at the park too!  

The BabyGanics Face & Hand Wipes are fragrance free.  We have very sensitive skin and these do not irritate it.  The wipes do a great job cleaning sticky or messy hands and faces.  They do it gently though.  They have no Chlorine, Parabens, Sulfates, Phalates or Toxins.  They are completely safe and a product you can trust.  They are great on babies, older kids or even adults.  The best part is that if you are using these on soft baby skin the wipes are super soft.  

You can learn more about all of the BabyGanics products by visiting their website.  You can also connect with BabyGanics on Facebook and Twitter too!

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  1. Good product to use and its very natural and refreshing for face.

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