Saturday, June 15, 2013

Join the Teas Tea Twitter Tasting Party #Teafreshing on June 18th

I am a big fan of Teas' Tea.  I love iced tea in the warm months.  I want to invite you to join the Teas' Tea Twitter Tasting on June 18th at 11am PDT.  This sounds like a bunch of fun.  There will be giveaways too!  You can find out the complete details about the Tea Tasting below!  

Make sure you also check out the Teas' Tea Facebook page.  There is a great promotion that they have running.  They are giving away some great prizes.  One of these prizes even includes a trip to Australia.  You can see the complete contest details on their Facebook page.  


  1. I love Tea's Teas!!!!! Can't wait to party! Rsvp @go2kauai