Thursday, July 4, 2013

Children Learning Reading Program - Teaching Children to Read Review

Teaching your child to read can be challenging for some children.  I also want to say as a parent it can also be very challenging and frustrating.  I have an 8 year old that reads extremely well.  I honestly don't remember how I taught him to read.  We just read a ton when he was little and he picked it up.  He reads 200 page books in a day or two and asks for more.  My daughter is 6 and has picked up on reading.  She is at the point where she knows all of her letter sounds.  She can blend letters together and read quite a few words.  I have noticed that with a lot of long vowel sounds she has started getting frustrated.  

I received a copy of the Children Learning Reading Program.  This program can be used as young as ages 2 or 3.  However, you will have to gear the program to their attention span at that age.  The Children Learning Reading Program is a great way to help your child to learn to read at a very young age.  I personally do not think your child can be too far ahead when they start school.  I think a great background in reading is important.  I think the sooner they are able to read the better they will be in comprehending what they are learning.  

The Children Learning Reading Program has 2 stages.  I read through the 1st stage and realized that my daughter who is 6 is already beyond this.  However, I did take a lot out of the instructions from this.  I think that being able to know each individual letter sound and then blend it is important.  I decided to move on to the 2nd stage.  My daughter needs to work on her long vowel sounds and also things like the "sh" and "ch" sounds.  

I started on the 2nd Stage and it began with the "sh" sound.  I was really pleased because this teaches a variety of ways the "sh" might be seen.  I love that if you teach this properly your child will learn that no matter where the "sh" might be found in the word it still makes the "shhhhhhhhh" sound.  My daughter was reading words that she has never read before with this program.  I was so excited!  She was really excited too.  I found it really helpful to have her read the words in the lesson, but also write them on a white board as we were reading them.  She will be starting 1st grade next year.  I know a large part of English language at that grade is reading, but also being able to write the word.  We have gone through 3 lessons so far and she is picking up new words every time.  She is reading these without frustration and I am pleased.  She is very proud of herself too.  I know she was having a very difficult time with the "ee", "ea", and "y" sound previously making the long "e" sound.  She kept wanting to try and read the words with a short "e" sound prior to using the Children Learning Reading Program.  I am really thrilled that she has been able to pick it up with ease this way.

We plan to continue to finish Stage 2 of the Children Learning Reading Program throughout the Summer.  I know this will be great for her when she starts 1st grade in the Fall.  I also want to tell you that not only are their lessons included, but the download includes books as well that go with each lesson.  We have been doing the lessons during the day and then we reinforce again what we did in the evening with the books.  This has really helped her.  The program also includes some MP3's in the download.  These are a great way to reinforce the lessons.  

This is a great program for a parent that wants to be very involved in helping their child learn to read.  I say that because this program does require you to sit down and work with your child quite a bit.  This is not a program where you sit your child in front of the TV or computer for an hour.  The program is simple, effective, and works if you teach it correctly!  You can learn more about the Children Learning Reading Program by visiting their website.  This program retails for $49.95 for the complete download and can be purchased directly from their website.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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