Monday, May 5, 2014

Kumon Publishing - Workbook Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

Spring Break was just here for us.  I am always looking for ways to keep my kids brains thinking over Spring and Summer Break.  We love to spend time outdoors during our breaks, but I also like to make sure that my kids don't forget what they learned over the school year.  We typically do workbooks on breaks and I have my kids do a few pages of math and reading every few days.  Kumon Publishing offers a great selection of workbooks for children at all different levels.  What kinds of activities do you incorporate into your child's Spring and Summer Break to make sure that they continue to learn?  

I received a selection of great workbooks from Kumon Publishing.  These are going to be perfect for my children over their breaks.  My kids enjoy doing them and the material in them is great!  Kumon offers workbooks starting at about pre-school level and up.  I used to even do workbooks with my children before they started elementary school.  I think this is a great way to get them to learn how to sit and follow directions for a period of time.  My children are now 7 and 9.  Their school does things a little bit differently.  They are leveled at this age for math and reading.  This means that everyone in their math or reading class is at a similar level.  I personally did not just choose workbooks at a specific grade level for my kids.  My son reads way above level, so instead of getting a 3rd or 4th grade workbook I chose a 5th.  I just thought I would clarify if you were confused about the variety of grade levels of the books I reviewed.

Word Problems - Grade 4
Does your child struggle with word problems?  Kumon has a selection of workbooks that are dedicated just to that.  This is a great way to practice math word problems.  I used to find that my son would rush through word problems and not read it thoroughly.  This is a great way for him to practice these.  The grade 4 workbook of word problems includes multiple-digit multiplication, division, decimals, tables, and graphs.  The workbook is also aligned with State Math Standards.  I think that is important.  

Reading - Grade 5
My son does not struggle with his reading, but I want him to continue to read over breaks.  This workbook is a great way to keep your child up to date with their reading skills.  It helps your child work on vocab and comprehension.  The workbook even incorporates fun activities like word searches too.  This is my son's favorite activity in the book.  The book also has passages that your child will read and then they have a series of questions to answer.  

Multiplication Numbers 1 to 10
This workbook is something that both my 7 and 9 year old will be using.  My 9 year old has been doing multiplication in math this year, but I would like him to get faster on his math facts.  My 7 year old will be learning multiplication a bit at the end of this year and will continue to learn more next year.  This is a great way to give her a head start on this concept.  This is a book that provides your child with a simple understanding of basic multiplication.  

Writing - Grade 2
I think when children first start to read that writing can be a challenge.  I am working with my 2nd grader on putting her words on paper in a clear and accurate fashion.  This workbook is a great tool that will help me with that.  The workbook incorporates vocab and writing skills.  It also touches on plurals and tenses.  I think that can be confusing at first, and the lessons in the workbook on that are great.

These are just some of the many workbooks that Kumon Publishing offers.  You can visit their website to learn more about all of the different workbooks that they offer.  

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.  

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