Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Family Christian Stores - Great Reads!

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I love reading.  This is something that is not only important to me, but something I love to do with my kids.  We set a special time aside during the day specifically for reading.  Family Christian Stores offers a huge selection of great books for adults, and children too.  These are books that teach great morals and values too.  That is very important to me.  Did you know that they offer much more than books?  They offer music, videos, crafts, gifts, and much more.  They have some really great books coming available soon that I want to share with you.

Living Courageously by Joyce Meyer will be available for purchase on the 16th of September.  It is currently available for pre-order.  The book is currently available for $14.97, but the normal retail price is $24.  This is a great savings too!  This looks like a wonderful book.  Joyce Meyer explains how Christians can overcome fear by going to the Lord.  She explains how to get over this fear.  She gives her personal opinion, but also uses Scripture.  This book will also be available on audio cd.  This sounds like something great to listen to while in the car!

You Can You Will by Joel Osteen will be released on the 30th of September.  The book is currently on sale for pre-order for $14.97, but the normal retail price is $24.  This looks like a really great motivational book.  The author, Joel Osteen, discusses 8 attributes of successful people.  This book explains how to create big dreams, run your own race, think positively, and much more.  This sounds like another great read!  

AD 30 by Ted Dekker will be released on October, 28th.  The book is currently available at a special pre-sale price for $14.97.  The normal retail price is $28.  This interesting read is set back in the year A.D. 30.  The story takes place in Arabia and ancient Palestine.  Their is a war that is going on, and this is a story of a woman that is on a journey.  This is a book that follows this woman, Maviah's, journey.  The book looks like it will be a page turner.

Jesus Daily:  365 Interactive Devotions by Aaron Tabor will be released on October, 21st.  The book is a devotional that is currently available for $9.97.  The books normal retail price is $16.  This book celebrates the redemption of Christ.  This book is really unique because it asks you to respond, and use your social media to reflect.  This really sounds neat!  

All of these great books can be pre-purchased directly from the Family Christian Stores website.  These are just some of the great Christian reads that Family Christian Stores has to offer.  Their website is truly a one stop shop for all of your Christian book needs, and much more.  

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  1. I like all of these books and Joyce Meyer is so terrific in her inspirational teachings. I will have to take a look at this Family Christian Website to see what other books they have.