Monday, December 15, 2014

Great Holiday Gift Ideas - K'NEX

Disclosure - free sample provided.

What do you get the children in your family for the holidays?  Children can be hard to buy for sometimes.  My kids are always thrilled to receive a K'NEX set for the holidays.  They love these because they are fun, but I love them because they teach them how to build too.  K'NEX has a huge selection of different sets for all ages.  These are really a great indoor activity that keep my children busy for hours.

We love Tinkertoy sets.  The 200 piece set is perfect for the new Tinkertoy builder.  This set is loaded with pieces.  You child can build over 30 different things with this set.  They can also use their own imagination to build whatever they want.  This set is great for children 3 years of age and up.  

Lincoln Logs
These were a favorite of mine when I was a child.  Lincoln Logs remind me of all the great fun I had building as a child.  The Collector's Edition Homestead Set is massive.  This really is a great set for the Lincoln Log lover.  This set provides hours of building fun.  It has over 330 parts.  It really is impressive.  The set retails for $99.99.  This set is also great for children ages 3 years and up.  

K'NEX 2-in-1 Ferris Wheel Building Set
This set is really neat.  It is a moving ferris wheel.  My kids really got a kick out of it.  The set is suitable for children 9 years and up.  It contains 922 pieces.  This is a set that takes some time to put together, but is amazing to play with.  The set allows you to build 2 models at once.  This set retails for $59.99.

K'NEX 70 Model Building Set
This is another favorite in our home.  The set is perfect for children that like to free build.  The set also allows your child to build a variety of different models.  The set comes with a booklet that gives you 70 building ideas.  This set is suitable for children 7 years of age and up.  This set retails for $34.99.

K'NEX Lava Cake Desert Building Set
Do you have a child that loves Mario?  This is a great K'NEX set that incorporates Mario and K'NEX.  This set even has fun moving pieces.  The set features Fire Mario, Pokey, and Waddlewing.  My kids are big Mario fans, so this set was a ton of fun for them.  They loved the jump disk launcher that is part of this building set.  This set retails for $64.99.

K'NEX Hyperspeed Hangtime Roller Coaster
This is another fun amusement themed K'NEX set.  This set is suitable for children 9 years and up.  The set even has a motorized launcher.  The set is fun and provided my children with hours of play.  The set is quite large and impressive.  This set is over 2.5 feet tall.  Wow!  The set retails for $69.99.

K'NEX Plants Vs. Zombies
The Pirate Seas Plank Walk Building set is a great set for those that love Plants Vs. Zombies.  This set is really fun because it has motorized pieces.  The set is suitable for children 7 years of age and up.  My kids enjoyed the cannon that launched on this set.  This set is really fun if your child is into pirates too!  This set retails for $34.99

The K'NEX Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building set impressed my 9 year old.  His eyes lit up when he saw this.  This set is suitable for children 8 years and up.  The set is perfect to allow your child to use their imagination to play.  My son used the awesome figures to do this for hours.  The set includes 6 figures, weapons, and so much more.  This set retails for $119.99.

These are just some of the great K'NEX sets that would make great holiday gifts.  You can also visit their website to learn more about their toys.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255. 

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