Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finder - Find Brand Influencers for Your Company - #BuzzooleFinder

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There are so many wonderful companies that are approaching promoting their product in a different manner.  I have been on the other side of these kinds of campaigns.  I am talking about being a brand ambassadors.  These are always neat opportunities where you are given the chance to try a product, and share your opinion with your followers on social media.  How do companies find the perfect match for their product when it comes to finding brand ambassadors?  

There is now a neat new way to find a match if you are a company that is looking for ambassadors that are a great fit for your brand.  I want to introduce you to Finder.  This is a website that will comb through a huge number of people on social media for you.  Finder can search online profiles, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites to help companies find the right match when they are looking for brand ambassadors.  This is really important because you want your product to be a good fit for the person that will be trying it out, and sharing their opinion on social media.  

I put Finder to the test to see just exactly how it works.  I was truly impressed with how easy it is to use.  There are so many options for searching.  You can even search by the language spoken.  Pretty neat!  You also need to input the topic that you are searching for.  You then will get results.  The next step is that you can eliminate those that are not of interest.  The next step is to complete your result.  This will give you all the data you were looking for.  I really think it is great that you can view the report in a variety of different ways.  This really customizes it to your needs.  You can view the report by topic, or with their social profiles from a variety of social media outlets.  Finder even offers the option of viewing results by gender, number of followers, skills, and much more.  This final report can even be moved to an Excel file for ease of use.  

You can learn more about Finder by visiting their website.  

Disclosure - I will be compensated for this post.  However, all opinions about the product are completely my own.

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