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Spring Break Reading and Easter Basket Ideas from Scholastic Books

Disclosure - free sample provided.

My kids will be on Spring Break soon.  We love to enjoy the outdoors, but I also like to relax and do other quiet activities indoors.  I always make sure we have plenty of great reading options in the house for my 8 and 10 year old.  Scholastic Books offers a great selection of book for children of all ages.  Their books are great for Spring Break, but their are so many that would make great options for an Easter basket.  I don't like to fill my 8 and 10 year old's Easter baskets with just traditional candy and toys.  Books are a great way to go!

Branches Books
I was introduced to Scholastic's line of books called Branches last Summer.  My daughter was really wanting to read chapter books at the time.  Some of them she was just not that interested in, or they were a little too challenging for her.  Branches books are a great option for children that are done reading leveled readers, but not exactly ready for a full length chapter book.  How are Branches books different than your typical chapter book?  These books include simple text, but more in the format of a chapter book.  I really like that they incorporate great pictures throughout the books.  This makes reading fun for children.  It also helps to hold their interest.  My daughter has fallen in love with so many of the Branches books.  They not only hold her interest, but she is able to read them without frustration.  I really am happy that we have found these for her!  

Owl Diaries - Eva's Treetop Festival is an adorable chapter book from the Branches line of books.  My daughter picked up this book immediately.  She just got done doing a school project on owls.  I knew she would enjoy this.  The book is nicely illustrated.  The book is written to appeal to 1st and 2nd graders, and it is written at a 2nd grade reading level.  The story is about Eva Wingdale.  The book is written in diary form.  It starts out by introducing Eva.  She is going to organize a Bloomtastic Festival.  This festival will include a fashion show, talent show, bake-off, and art show. 

The Amazing Stardust Friends - Step into the Spotlight is another great book from the Branches line.  This one is also written in a similar manner as many of the others.  The level on this book seems a little bit more challenging than the Owl Diaries.  However, the text is still fairly simple.  It also includes pictures throughout the book.  This book is about the Stardust Circus.  The book is a fun read about the girls in the circus that the main character,Marlo, meets.  The book also touches on a topic that many children are faced with.  Marlo feels like she doesn't fit in.  

Dragon Masters - Secret of the Water Dragon is also in the Branches line of books from Scholastic.  This is an illustrated early chapter book.  This book is great if you have a child that is into fantasy type books.  The book is about training and flying dragons.  There is a twist on the story though.  There is someone that is trying to steal the stone.

Whatever After
Whatever After - Cold as Ice is a book by Sarah Mlynowski.  This is a New York Times Bestselling series too.  My daughter was excited to read this because she said some of the girls at school are reading them.  This book takes your average fairy tale, and puts a fun twist on it.  This is what I would call a modern fairy tale.  The author has done an excellent job making this book fun for children.  It even incorporates elements of silliness.  This book is about ending up in a winter wonderland.  There is also a mean Snow Queen that causes some problems.  Some of these include trying to defrost the frozen dog, and much more!

The Zero Degree Zombie Zone
My 10 year old saw the title of this, and he knew he had to read it right away because it was about Zombies.  This book is written by Patrick Henry Bass, and illustrated by Jerry Craft.  We loved that this chapter book had illustrations throughout the book.  Once again, this really helps make reading fun for children.  The book is about a child that deals with everyday issues at home and school.  He is someone that most children can relate to.  He finds a ring and then has to ward of intruders.

Scare Scape
This book also really appealed to my 10 year old son.  Scare Scape is a mysterious book about monsters.  It is about creepy beasts, but Morton isn't scared by this.  He isn't afraid of much.  Morton, his brother, and sister find a statue in their yard.  They now have plenty to be frightened of.  This book is a fun mystery, but it also incorporates humor into it too.  I really like that it is a creepy tale, but it is written for children.  It isn't overly frightening for them to read.  

#Prehistoric Follow the Dinosaurs
#Prehistoric Follow the Dinosaurs is really an interesting way to teach your child about dinosaurs.  The format that this book is written in is done in a social medial style manner.  The book includes fun facts, but they are presented in social media style post format.  The book includes photos that make the facts even more interesting.  This is a neat twist on your typical non-fiction style book.  

Tombquest - Book1
Tombquest Book 1 - Book of the Dead is written by Michael Northrop.  This comes from the publisher of The 39 Clues and Spirit Animals books.  This book is for middle aged readers.  It is for a child that can handle deeper topics.  This book is about Alex, and how his mom tries to save his life.  She needs the Egyptian Book of the Dead and a special spell from it to help her son.  This book is exciting and keeps you wanting to read more.  Alex's mom uses the spell, but it brings Death Walkers back to life.  It really is a creepy read.  The neat part is that you can also play the game that goes along with this on Scholastic's website.

Bone #1:  Out From Boneville Tribute Edition
Comics are a great way to get your child to learn to enjoy reading.  I have always encouraged my children to read whatever they have an interest in.  Bone #1 is a re-release that is a tribute edition.  This is the 10 year anniversary of the first book that Jeff Smith wrote in the series.  This is an award winning and best selling graphic novel.  This book is loaded with comics and art.  The art in this book really is impressive.  There are artists from Darth Vader and Son, Celopatra In Smace, The lost Boy, Smile, and many more that have contributed to the art in this.  Pretty impressive!

These are just some of the great books that Scholastic has to offer that would be perfect for some fun Spring Break reading, our your child's Easter basket.  You can visit the Scholastic website to learn more about all of their books.  They offer an extensive collection of books for children of all ages, and all reading levels.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.  

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