Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Iuni - I'm Unique is coming!


I love when I find out about new technology that is super exciting.  I was recently introduced to Iuni.  Iuni is a company that is geared towards a younger generation.  Iuni recently launched in China.  Don't worry!  Iuni is soon to be released in other countries.  I cannot wait.  This brand offers a unique operating system that I am so excited to check out.  

What makes Iuni unique?  

The screen is super slim.  It is made of gorilla glass.  Do you know someone that needs  durable screen on their phone?

It has an integrated metal frame.  

The frame is only 6 mm thick!  Very impressive.

It weighs just 129 grams!

The life of the battery is long even though this phone is slim.

This is perfect for streaming video, or using this for all your mobile needs.

The phone has a beautiful shiny flawless finish.  It really is impressive to the eye.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Iuni!  This is going to be a big hit in the US.  What features do you think would make your life easier when you are on the go?

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