Thursday, May 26, 2011 50% off Delmans Foldable Flats

I was introducted to because I am a bzzagent on  I recently saw that they have a special deal going on for these Delmans Foldable Ballet Flats.  They are really cute and look super comfortable.  The neatest part about them is that they come with a little travel pack.  If you've been stuck in uncomfortable shoes all day you could just keep these in your bag and slip them on before you drive home.  Very neat!  They come in a variety of colors too.  I have been looking into getting a pair of comfortable flats like this for some time now.  Don't forget that you must register with in order to take advantage of the deals.  There is no charge to register or be a member.

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  1. These Foldable Flats are amazing! love wearing heels without these flats my feet would hurt anything!