Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dreambox Makes Learning Fun

My son is almost 7 and he loves to play any type of video games.  I prefer that he plays games that are educational and he's learning something while he's playing.  He really enjoys learning new things while he's having fun.  I'm sure many of you have kids that really enjoy learning through hands on and electronics.  I think that learning has changed so much that so much of it is done through technology and that's great!  I love to see my kids interact with technology.  It amazes me how quickly they pick things up and how much they learn from it.  The best part is that they enjoy learning through technology.

Dreambox 2nd grade math games combine learning with fun for 2nd graders.  This sounds like a great interactive way to get your child excited about math.  My son loves math, but for kids that don't like it this would be a great way to get them excited about doing math.  It's a great way to build new skills and work on the math skills that they already have.  I love that your child will have fun while they're learning too.  Your child will learn 2nd grade math skills while they enjoy playing on more than 150 activities that are available.  I really like that the curriculum can be customized for your own child.  The fact is that not all children learn at the same pace.  I think it's a great idea to be able to adjust this to the specific level that they are at.  I think it's great that your child will earn rewards too as they play.  My son always enjoys that.  It puts a smile on his face and mine to know that he is doing well!  It is so important to reinforce how well they are doing while they're learning.

These games are focused on helping children ages 6 to 8.  My son is almost 7 and not in 2nd grade yet, but he is advanced for a 1st grader.  I think something like this would be a great choice for learning new skills for him because I like to be able to customize what he is learning.  The best part about this is that is will help keep your child entertained while they learn.  They will get to interact with pirates, dinosaurs and even make their own pets as they work on learning new skills.  This all takes part while they get to take part in a fun adventure of learning.  We still like learning with flashcards and activities like that, but this really changes up the routine and adds a creative way to get your child learn.  A fun and amazing new adventure awaits every time they play the game!  What part do you think your child would enjoy the most?

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