Sunday, December 25, 2011

Litter-Robot Review

If you are a cat owner and hate scooping the litter box then I have found something you might really like.  I personally hate scooping the litter box and was doing it about once a day with our one cat.  It's messy and stinky.  I recently came across the Litter-Robot and was really intrigued because it takes care of cleaning the litter box for you.

I recently received a Litter-Robot to try out and couldn't wait.  No more scooping the litter box.  Ok I guess I should say our cat, Frodo, received a Litter-Robot to try out!  I set it up and it was very simple.  I was actually thinking I was going to have to have my husband help me set it up or fix what I did when he got home, but I had the unit set up in about 15 minutes.  It was super easy.

I initially left the cat's old litter box in the bathroom too.  About 2 days had went by and he hadn't used the Litter-Robot, so I decided to remove the old litter box.  He then started using the Litter-Robot and we have been very happy.  He is actually intrigued by it also.  After he does his business in it he waits to watch the globe start rotating.  Ok so how does this work?  This unit plugs in.  The globe portion of the unit is where your cat does his business.  That is also where the litter goes.  Once your cat has used the Litter-Robot and exited the unit the sensor goes off and the globe rotates to sift the litter and remove the dirty stuff in it.  Then it drops down to the drawer below.

I personally love it because it automatically sifts the litter for me.  It is much nicer than having to scoop the litter all the time.  I love that this works on a sensor, so once he's done it does it's work.  It really does a thorough job cleaning the litter.  I think it does a better job than hand scooping.  I also like that this is an enclosed unit.  It's seems to be cleaner that way.  The only work you have to do with this is add the litter and of course once the litter is scooped you have to throw out what drops down into the drawer.  Very easy.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Litter-Robot the retail price starts at $339.99.  They also offer reconditioned units for $279.99.  They also offer a 3 payment option if you don't want to pay all at once.  This is a great high tech litter box that makes your life much easier.

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Disclosure - I received a Litter-Robot for free in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are completely my own as always.

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