Friday, December 9, 2011

Twin Pomegranates Wine Review

I recently received 2 bottles of Twin Pomegranates Wine to try and was so excited.  This Pomegranate wine is  made with pomegranates (as you would think)!  Too neat!  If you love wine - and you love pomegranates - well you have to try this.  It's definitely amazing!

I received a bottle of the Twin Pomegranates Sweet Wine - otherwise know as "Sweetie.  I have had pomegranate juice many times and this has a similar flavor, but of course it's wine!  I love that for a sweet wine it isn't too sweet.  It has a great flavor and it's very fresh tasting.  This wine has a great balance of flavor.  It reminds me of eating pomegranate seeds as a kid!  This wine is made with 100% pomegranate.  It was a winner with both myself and my husband!  I would definitely recommend this wine!

I also received a bottle of Twin Pomegranates Sparkling Wine.  Once again this product amazed both myself and my husband.  This wine is also made with 100% pomegranate.  It has a great fresh pomegranate flavor.  It's light and crisp and absolutely delicious.  It also has a nice sweet flavor, but it has a great balance.  It isn't too sweet.  This would be a great sparkling wine to bring in the upcoming New Year!

Twin Pomegranates makes 4 varieties of wine.  The varieties include 100% Sparkling Pomegranate Wine, 100% Pomegranate Sweet Wine, Pomegranate White Wine Blend, and 100% Pomegranate Table Wine.  What variety do you think would be your favorite?  Out of the two I tried I couldn't pick a favorite because both were wonderful!

Both wines were excellent.  I love that this is something different than regular wine.  I love that they both tasted excellent.  Twin Pomegranates make excellent wines that are fun and unique!

Here are also some really neat drink recipes you can check out and try that include pomegranate wine.  They sound really good.  I personally am going to try out the Ruby Kiss!  This is a combination of pomegranate wine mixed with cranberry juice.  I think this sounds wonderful.

If you want to buy pomegranate wine you can do so on the Twin Pomegranates website.

How can also connect with Twin Pomegranates on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!

Disclosure - I received 2 bottles of wine in order to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are 100% my own as always.

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