Monday, January 23, 2012

Zone Diet Review @drbarrysears @thezonediet #zone123

I am always looking for ways to stay healthy and keep weight off.  I really struggled for a few years after having kids to lose weight.  I still have a hard time making the right food choices on some days.  I find it really hard when you have kids and you realize you can't eat what they eat. 

I found out about the Zone Diet and was really excited to try it.  The Zone Standard Program is a great way to help you control your diet.  I found that the packaged items made it easy to replace things like normal bread and bagels.  The program includes items that taste good and are easy to use in your meal prep.  A few of my favorites were the soft pretzels and the bagels.  You don't feel like you are being deprived at all.  I love that all the items from the Zone Diet keep you feeling full.  It makes it really easy to watch what you're eating.  The program I received included bagels, bread, pizza crust, pasta, bars, oh and I can't forget the cookies.  I really liked the cookies!  You are probably thinking that these are full of carbs, but they have actually used special technology to enrich these with lots of protein.  It really helps keep you full and they've also removed excess carbs.  This program retails for $74.50 and can be purchased from their website

The best part about the Zone Diet is that you have a lot of choices.  I don't like to feel like I have a set thing I have to eat just because I'm dieting.  I like that I can have pizza!  I used one of the pizza crusts and loaded it up with lots of veggies and it was really good.  I didn't feel like I was dieting at all.  That is one thing I really love.  I personally put the items in my freezer.  It is suggested to freeze or refrigerate the bread products.  I like that I can pull them out as I need them and they still taste just as good.  

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Disclosure - I received a sample of the Zone 1-2-3 Standard Program to facilitate my review.  All opinions are completely my own.  No monetary compensation was provided. 

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