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  Immortal Voyage

Before the time of the great pyramids, there was a place like none other, a city of glass and metal rising from the depths of the ocean. Shrouded in mist, the island of Hy-Brasil and its capital Atlantis lay hidden from the rest of the world by its people, a race of long lived, interstellar nomads. What secrets would you keep to save your kingdom? On the Queen’s deathbed, the sonless King Rowe is forced into a promise to allow his five daughters to marry for love. A promise he wished he had never made, and one he will have to break, to save the kingdom from his squabbling, incompetent son-in-laws. The youngest of five daughters, Jael, spent most of her time at her father’s side learning to run a kingdom. Believed to be the King’s favorite, Jael is shocked when he betroths her to a longtime friend of his, Prince Sarik of Hy-Brasil. Soon she will learn that world is full of secrets and one of them is her very own birth. Will the secret that bonds her to Sarik be the ultimate downfall of a kingdom?

You can read a great excerpt from the book below. . . . .

“It was meant to stay secret, Sarik,” Salima quietly answered.
He shot daggers at her then ran his hand through his hair.  “The worst part of this mess is she had no idea.” He pointed in the direction of Jael’s room.  “She’s in the room right now having a mental breakdown after she almost drowned herself in the tub because no one saw fit to tell herthe truth.”
“You left her alone?  God, Sarik, you’re such an ass,” she retorted as she pushed Sarik over with her hand and walked to Jael’s room.
Jael still rocked back and forth mumbling to herself when Salima opened the door.  Salima sat on the edge of the bed and put her arms around her.  “It’s okay,” she crooned as she hugged her tight. Sarik was not far behind, but as he walked into the room, Salima gave him the look of death and said through gritted teeth, “Don’t even think about it.  You’ve done quite enough already.”
Sarik fought the urge to punch something; he turned on his heels and left the room with his mind hashing over his current situation.  “The solution is simple,” he thought.  “Her secret makes Rowe’s contract null and void, so why am I angry?”  His mind played back the moment he pulled her limp body out of the tub.  Raw emotions overwhelmed him as if it were his own life in the balance.  Frustration and confusion overflowed as he yelled and punched the metal wall; the bones shattered in his hand and left him crying on the floor.
The pain diverted his attention from the problem until Salima’s voice penetrated his mind.
“Enough of your stupidity, Sarik.  Tomorrow you better be ready to make things right with Jael, or you will have a Jinn problem on your hands!”
Sarik could feel Salima’s anger and knew a response was neither necessary nor wanted.  Grabbing his coat, he walked to one of the local bars and made himself comfortable.  If pain could not silence the confusion that wracked his mind, then maybe inebriation would.

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