Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Save Big With Campus Book Rentals!

You can save up to 90% on your text books at Campus Book Rentals.  I remember how pricey text books can be.  I always dreaded buying my college books, but now it isn't as bad!  Why pay full price when you can save big?  It is really nice to find a place that is much more reasonable!  The typical savings from Campus Book rentals is anywhere from 40 to 90%.  That is a major difference.  

Campus Book Rentals is a trusted source since 2007.  They offer a huge selection of titles.  They even offer free shipping both ways.  You can even highlight in the books you rent.  Campus Book Rentals offers a huge selection too!  They even have an option where they will rent your textbooks to another student and in turn you get paid!  The best part is while you save on your books they are donating to help Operation Smile with each rental.

You can learn more about Campus Book Rentals by watching the video below.

I was searching the Campus Book Rentals website and couldn't believe how many choices they offer.  I found a really neat book that looks like it might be something my kids would enjoy.  It is the Everything Kids' Science Experiment Book.  The rental price for the book was very reasonable.  It was about $36 for the entire semester.  That means the book would not have to be returned until May 2013.  This is just one example of the savings you can get at Campus Book Rentals.  

You can learn more by visiting their website.

Disclosure - The above post is a sponsored post.  All opinions are completely my own.

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