Friday, January 4, 2013

Vitalicious Low Calorie Meal and Snacking Options

I love baked goods and sweets and it really can be hard to find good options for those items when you are trying to keep the calories low.  I usually just cut them out of my diet, but I recently found out about a great new option.  Vitalicious offer yummy baked goods like muffins, cakes, brownies and more.  The best part is that they are low calorie.  

I received a great sampler box from Vitalicious that included their Vitatops, Vitacakes and Vitamuffins.  These are all so good.  They are a quality baked good that can be found in the frozen section of many grocery stores.  The Vitalicious products are 100 calories or less that I received.  They have a nice amount of fiber and are fairly low in sugar.  Overall, they are a product that I feel good about eating and don't feel guilty about eating either.  The best part is that they taste great.  They don't taste like they are low calorie.  I love that they come in great flavors too!

I have been using the Vitalicious products for breakfasts in the morning.  They are great warmed in the toaster or in the microwave.  I love that there is really little prep in these.  You simply pull one out of the freezer.  All of the products I sampled had a great home baked flavor.  They tasted really fresh and that is important to me.  I also received some 50 calorie snack cakes that are perfect to eat in between meals or when you just crave a little something sweet.  My favorite flavor so far has to be the Triple Chocolate Chunk variety in the Vitatop variety.  This is a chocolate muffin top that is healthier for you and it's really good!  

Vitalicious offers so many yummy varieties.  They offer a flavor to pretty much please anyone.  What would you choose?

Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Vitabrownies

Deep and Velvety Chocolate Vitabrownies

Banana Choco Chip Vitatops

Chocolate Mint Vitatops

Apple Crumb Vitatops

Golden Corn Vitatops

and so many more!

You can find out more about the complete selection of Vitalicious products by visiting their website.  You can even order them directly from their website. You can also connect with Vitalicious on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.    

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