Friday, March 15, 2013

Kumon Workbooks Review

I know it is only March, but before I know it the Summer will be here.  Every single Summer I look for workbooks for my kids.  We like to review what they did the previous year in school.  I like to make sure they don't forget what they learned.  I also try and work a little with them on the level they should be at for the following year.  I like to do this so that they don't have to struggle when they start the next grade.  

What kind of workbooks do you use with your kids over Summer Break?  I really find it is important to find workbooks that have quality lessons in them.  All workbooks are not the same.  Kumon has a great selection of workbooks and I never have to worry that the materials inside the workbook are not up to par.  Kumon Workbooks introduce concepts by using a step by step method.  It really helps keep the frustration level down.  That is very important!  

I received a variety of workbooks from Kumon to try out with my kids.  We are going to be using them during Spring and Summer Break.  My kids have already done a few pages in each workbook and they love the books.  I think that it is important for your child to enjoy doing the work too.  Kumon Workbooks has done a great job presenting the lessons in a simple way for children.

Kumon offers review workbooks specifically for Summer too.  I love this idea.  It has exactly what you child needs to keep what they learned fresh in their heads over Summer break.  We received a Kumon Summer Review & Prep Workbook for Grades 2/3 for my 2nd grader.  This workbook covers both Math & Reading.  I love that because my son is in 2nd grade and will be going into 3rd this will give him the head start he needs when he starts 3rd grade.  I love how this book is set up!  I just want to say that Kumon has made it easy to work with your kids.  First, they tell you to have your kids only do 2 pages daily.  They can do more if they want, but I love that it's not overwhelming.  The book is teaching your kids quality material, so the 2 pages is really plenty.  The Kumon Summer Review & Prep Workbook for Grades 2/3 consists of a variety of different skills.  It has reading passages with questions, prefixes and suffixes, time, measurement and much more!  

We also received a Kumon Summer Review & Prep Workbook for Grades K/1 for my daughter who is in Kinder.  This is set up just like the Summer Review & Prep Workbook we received for my son.  My daughter absolutely loves workbooks.  I guess she is one of the few kids that do.  She would actually sit and do page after page in this workbook.  It starts out at a perfect level for Kindergarten review and then it moves into more challenging work.  This Summer workbook covers both math and reading.  The workbook covers letter recognition, number recognition, letter sounds, addition, subtraction, time, money and more.  This is workbook that my daughter loves!

Kumon also offers Workbooks in just specific subjects too.  I want my son to work specifically on his math skills.  Kumon's Addition & Subtraction Grade 3 workbook is perfect for that.  He is currently in 2nd grade, but this is what he needs to give him some extra prep from next  year.  He is already doing some multi-digit adding and subtracting and this book covers that!

My 8 year old has been bugging me to teach him how to write in cursive.  I honestly needed a good workbook to help him with this.  Ok I admit that I don't write in cursive that frequently myself.  Kumon's Book of Cursive Writing Letters is a great way to teach children 6 and up how to write in cursive.  The book is fun and I like that it goes slow and takes your child step by step through each cursive letter.  

Lastly, the Kumon's Let's Sticker & Paste is a fun activity for children 2 and up.  My daughter loves anything that deals with gluing and she loves this little workbook.  Her favorite part of her homework at school is always the part where she gets to cut out her sight words and then glue them in the correct spot.  This workbook is perfect if you have a child like mine!  This can even be used for little ones to help with their fine motor skills.  My daughter really likes the puzzle activities at the end of the book too.  

These are just some of the great workbooks available from Kumon.  I really like that you can get a quality workbook from them and the price is reasonable too.  The Summer Prep & Review Workbooks are under $10.  It's definitely worth it too!  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.    

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