Monday, October 28, 2013

Healthy, Quick and Delicious Meals from Personal Chef to Go - Review

Disclosure - free sample provided.

I received a wonderful box of meals to sample from Personal Chef to Go.  This is a really neat service that helps busy people eat healthy.  Their meals are made with natural ingredients and contain no preservatives.  They are also trans fat free.  They make it easy to enjoy a quality restaurant quality meal right in the comfort of your home.  The meals come right to your door and are shipped on ice packs.  You simply pop them in your fridge until you are ready to eat.  Their food is fresh and never frozen.  They are sealed in a freshness package and this keeps them fresh for up to 12 days.  I like that you do not have to use them within just a day or two of arriving.  These meals are quick to serve too.  Everything is ready to go and you just need to warm them up.  

Personal Chef to Go offers portion controlled meals that have a low glycemic index.  These are great if you are trying to control your blood sugar levels.  They meals incorporate delicious fresh veggies into the dishes too.  The meals are also labeled with how many points they contain if you are on Weight Watchers too.  The meals are also low in wheat gluten.  This is good if you have a family member that has a gluten intolerance.

I received a sampler of Personal Chef to Go's family favorite meals.  My entire family enjoyed trying these.  They truly tasted super fresh and were flavorful.  We were impressed by the quality ingredients in these meals.  One package fed our family of 4 easily.  We first sampled the Garlic Sizzled Fajita Beef.  This was a big hit.  It had large slices of beef loin in a flavorful garlic sauce.  The dish also had fresh veggies in it that included onions, bell peppers and mushrooms.  This was so easy to heat up and plate quickly.  This would really be a time saving weeknight meal.  We also received a Cilantro and Lime Shrimp Rice Bowl.  This has a really nice authentic Thai flavor.  It was also excellent.  The Southwest Chicken Chili was another crowd pleaser in our house.  This chili combines nice pieces of chicken breast with a variety of beans.  It is in a tasty sauce that I enjoyed.  Lastly, the Veggie Pasta Bake was a great meal too.  This is a perfect meal if you want a non meat dinner once in awhile.  The dish combined whole wheat pasta with vegetables that were in a savory marinara sauce.  We truly enjoyed every one of the meals from Personal Chef to Go.

You can visit the Personal Chef to Go website to learn more about how their service works.  You can also order one time if you just want to try it out.  You also have the option of having meals auto shipped to you.  You can order directly from the Personal Chef to Go website.  If you use the code IntroA at the checkout you can save 10% off of your purchase.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure - I received a free sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are completely my own.  My participation is voluntary.   I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.  

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