Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MOMables Healthy School Lunches Review

I am always looking for new school lunch ideas for my 6 and 8 year old.  I personally look for healthy options that are quick and fun for them to eat.  What kinds of things do ou send you child to school with for lunch?  Do you ever get stuck and don't know what to send?  I have that problem often.  I want to introduce you to a website that can help you plan your child's luynches with ease.  MOMables helps you plan your child's lunches in advance with their lunch menu plans.  This sounds like a great idea!  

You can visit the MOMables website and get an idea of how this works when you visit their sample menu.  This is really nice because it also gives you additional info besides just what to pack.  It helps you plan your grocery shopping list too.  I am all for having to go to the store less for food and doing one larger shopping.  The sample menu gives you ideas on how to include veggies in your child's lunches and how to get them to eat them too.  

I love the wealth of information on this website.  I truly enjoyed checking out some of the great lunch recipes.  Some of the recipes available on the site include - healthly lunchables bbq chicken shake ups, apple quesadilla, baked banana chips and more!  Which one do you think your child would enjoy?

You can subscribe to the MOMables meal planning.  They have a few different pricing options.  They offer a 3 month subscription for $18 and a year plan for $60.  

All opinions are my own.  I am sharing because I truly found this website interesting.  

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