Monday, April 6, 2015

Trisha's Table by Trisha Yearwood

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I love to cook.  I am always looking for great new cookbooks to add to my collection.  Do you have a favorite cookbook?  I am also always looking for cookbooks that will help make planning meals for the entire family easier.  Trisha's Table is a great cookbook to have in your collection.  This book is written by Trisha Yearwood with Beth Yearwood Bernard.  The forword is written by Garth Brooks.  The book includes feel good type meals.  These are satisfying meals that my family fell in love with.

This cookbook includes a variety of recipes.  These are comfort foods.  Did you know that Trisha has an 80/20 rule?  This means that she eats healthy 80% of the time, but 20% of the time she splurges.  I agree with this.  I think that you need to eat healthy for the most part, but you need to also enjoy food.  Trisha spent years enjoying Southern style food.  

This cookbook is easy to read.  I really like the way that it is organized.  It is easy to find exactly what you are looking for in the cookbook.  Trisha's Table is broken down into sections.  Some of these sections include breakfast, snacks and appetizers, beef and pork, pasta, and more.  I like that the main dishes are broken down into a specific kind of meat.  This makes it easy to find a specific kind of recipe.

Snacks and Appetizers
Some of these great recipes include Garths Taco Pizza, Kale Chips, Unfried Pickles and more.  What would you want to try?  I fell in love with the Garth's Taco Pizza recipe.  Yum!  This could be served as a snack or appetizer, but my kids really like it as a fun weeknight meal.  You could even use this to put a neat spin on Taco Tuesday.  This recipe consists of pizza crust that is topped with tasty taco toppings.

Soups and Salads
Some of the soup and salad recipes in this section include Tortellini Soup, Slow Cooker Irish Stout Beef Stew, and Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup.  The Slow Cooker Irish Stout Beef Stew is a recipe that I really enjoyed.  This is something that is easy to prep early in the day.  The best part is that it is done at dinnertime.  This is a flavorful slow cooker meal, and it is really easy.  It has a rich hearty flavor from the Guinness beer.

Cakes, Cupcakes and Pies
Some of the yummy treats in this section include Chocolate Orange Cake, Lemon Poppy Seed Cake, and Key Lime Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce.  I was actually looking for a recipe with lemons. I had a friend give me a bunch of lemons.  The Lemon Poppy Seed Cake was excellent.  This is great as a dessert, but it's also a great cake in the morning with your coffee.  This recipes has a great buttery flavor, and it is accented by flavorful lemon. 

You can learn more about this book or purchase it here.

You can also learn more about Trisha Yearwood here.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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