Monday, July 11, 2011

Save on SafeSync and Updated Review

I have been using SafeSync to backup my photo files of my kids as I previously stated.  I received a 1 year subscription compliments of bzzagent in return for my honest review.  I have said before that I like that it takes no effort on my part to make sure my files on secure and safe.  It runs in the background of my computer and saves them all on it's own.  You can designate what file types you would like saved also  It's nice that you can personalize it to your own needs.   If you are interested you can save 50% on the 20GB by using the code "BZZ20."

I just wanted to update everyone on this and remind everyone to go ahead and use the above product code
if you're interesting in trying this out.  I still am very happy with SafeSync and love that it provides me with peace of mind that I will never lose my important files again.

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