Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bissell Stomp N Go Review

I am a busy mom and I know that there are definitely times where I need a quick way to clean up carpet messes.  I will say that my carpet steam cleaner does the job, but it isn't convenient to pull it out every time someone spills on the carpet.  I have a 4 and 6 year old, so it isn't often that a week goes by where something isn't spilled on my carpet.  It just happens.  

This is how you use the pad

I was selected to host a party compliments of Bissell and Mom Central to try out the Bissell Stomp N Go Pads.  I hosted a party with a few of my mommy friends to try these out.  We tried the pads on some carpet squares that had dried grape juice on them.  You take the pad out of the package, place it on the stain, and then step on the pad.  That is exactly what we did.  Within a few minutes you could see the grape juice being absorbed by the pad.  The photos I've included below are only after the pad sitting on the stain for 30 minutes.  I personally would allow the pad to sit longer for a set in stain like this.  You can allow the pad to sit for up to 24 hours.  

We were all impressed with how this lifted the stain out of the carpet.  We were all thrilled with the fact that it removed the stain without having to scrub the carpet!  The mom's at my party and myself thought it was really neat that the Bissell Stomp N Go Pads worked so well and were so simple because the pad is all you need to do the job.  We were all in agreement that this is a product that will help keep our carpets cleaner, but make our lives easier too.


This is after we used Bissell Stomp N Go Cleaning Pad
Note:  I only let this sit on the carpet 30 minutes

If you are interested in purchasing these they are available at Kmart and Walmart for $4.99.  They are a great product to have around if you have kids and/or pets!

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